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This information is from the same parts program Nissan dealers use to obtain appropriate parts for your car. All information is as your car came from the factory. This same information can be found on the model plate in the engine bay of your car and the plate on the driver door jamb.

This is information that has been pulled out of the software that every single nissan dealership in the coutry uses. It is a complete listing of every single VIN number for every single Z31 that was bound for the USA over the 6 year run. You can grab any VIN out of the registry and walk into any dealship and they will tell you exactly the same this registry tells you.

Select as much or as little information as you want. The more you select, the narrower the results. The less you select, the longer the load time.

The color codes are the official Nissan designation. These colors may not accurately describe the color of your car. If your color isn't accurately described, please let me know.

I've put some troubleshooting information at the bottom of the next page for me. If you're having problems, once the page has completely loaded, copy the last lines under the table to help me diagnose your problems. Also, if you have a VIN I can specifically look for, include that.